Action Maintenance: When a piano key is depressed, it sets in motion a complex mechanical process that results in a felt mallet, called a hammer, striking the strings to create a sound. The components that make up the key board/hammer mechanism are collectively called the piano's action.

Action usually needs to be serviced every 10 to 15 years depending on a variety of variables such as use, environment, initial construction quality, and proper preparations by the initial piano retailer.

Action maintenance can include:

  • Tightening the several hundred screws which hold various parts in place
  • Cleaning the whole or parts of the action
  • Polishing various metal parts like capstans and rail pins to reduce friction
  • Lubrication of various wooden parts
  • Minor replacement of overly worn parts
  • Regulation of the mechanics of the action (there are many points which may need to be adjusted to ensure that the action is responsive to the player's needs and that all 88 keys feel and respond the same way).

Occasionally, one or more functional pieces of a piano will fail – a key won't work, a pedal is stuck, a note or string creates a buzzing sound, etc. These problems are almost always minor and relatively easy to repair. There is no charge to have Piano Craft diagnose the problem and provide a detailed written estimate of the repair.

Good piano maintenance begins with a professional tuning at least once every year. But beyond tuning, thorough and periodic maintenance is critical to the proper functioning of a piano and will help extend its life and forestall costlier restoration.

Cleaning: A thorough cleaning of the piano's interior is an important and frequently overlooked aspect of proper piano maintenance. The amount of dust, dirt, pet hair, toys, paper clips, photos, birthday cards, pens, pencils, jewelry, and other items that find their way inside a piano is a source of amazement to many piano owners. Piano Craft strongly recommends that your piano be professionally disassembled and cleaned at least once every five years to ensure proper function and extend its longevity.

​Repair and Maintenance

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​Pianos accumulate a remarkable amount of dust, paper clips, pens and pencils inside them over the course of a few years. It is part of good piano maintenance to have the interior of your cleaned by a piano technician every 5 to 7 years.

The piano's key board and hammer mechanism (called the action) have literally hundreds of moving parts in them. After years of use the action must be regulated (adjusted) to maintain and improve the way the key board mechanics move and feel. Regulation on most pianos should be performed every 10-15 years. Contact us today for a free estimate.